Is there a better motherboard for me than this one?

I've heard that there are only like 18 (somethings) for motherboards, and if there are more than that, that they share bandwidth with each other, and in this case that's the m.2 sata and pcie 2 or 3 slot and another thing i think..


So what I was wondering is what are the pros and cons of this motherboard and what are some of the features of this motherboard that are better on other boards?


It's this motherboard but without all the accessories:

Well i'm going to be getting the fractal design R4 so that won't matter.

Nice looking specs ... and  Asus has provenance 

I am leaning toward the MSI that Wendell reviewed a couple days ago.  I was sold on the audio amp to both front and rear panels. I like my headphones! and it is $100 cheaper

Well there are manny decent Z97 boards arround, can you give me more details in what feutures you definitely wanne have on there?

Asus Z97 deluxe by the way is a realy nice board. dual intel lan, bleutooth wifi 16 powerphase and digi vrm, sata express, m.2 sata etc etc.. 

But its a bit expensive offcourse, thats why i said which feutures do you realy wanne have on the board?

Well I definitely want all of those usb ports for sure, I use a lot of those, I also want that option to have a 2nd graphics card if I ever get the money to put a 2nd one in there and I need a few extra regular Sata 6Gb ports.

I will be using the computer for a mixture of gaming and music production so I want to have at least one SSD for OS and production programs and then I may get a second SSD for production files later (if that would be beneficial?)

And then i'd also have an optical drive and about 3-4 HDDs

What i'm mainly worried about though is this, to quote:]

"*1 : The PCIe x16_3, USB3_E56 and SATAExpress_E1 connectors share the same bandwidth. The PCIe x16_3's default setting is in Auto mode that automically optimizes the system bandwidth. If you use two of these connectors, the system automatically disables the unused connector.
*2 : M.2 Socket 3 shares bandwidth with SATAExpress_1"


In the most likely scenario I will be using ALL usb ports, one PCIe lane, 4 Sata ports, and the m.2 Sata port for my OS, would I run into any conflicts there in regards to bandwidth sharing do you think?

Thanks :)

Yea I saw that and it almost changed my mind, I really need all the usb ports though :/

you can select the mode you want for the m.2 socket ...

1 x M.2 Socket 3, , with M Key, type 2260/2280 storage devices support (both SATA & PCIE mode)*2

So does that mean that you can chose which one of the 2 it shares bandwidth from?

that is what I am reading

And by sata it means sata express? Do you know if both modes would be the same speed?