Is the Royal Navy website SquareSpace? It's a great example of SquareSpace if it is!


We were talking on Mumble about submarines and we found this:
How SquareSpace does that look?!

/info/ (for page statistics) and .json (for source code) don't work either unlike the main site.

@Taco_Bell @mumblevagabond @Commissar and I are all pretty much in agreement that it's SquareSpace since many of the aspects of the website looks like they are exclusively SquareSpace.

So expecting that somebody was payed a pretty penny to make this SquareSpace site. It looks great though, just another example of SquareSpace leading web design weather we are correct or not.

It could be. I also think that might be squarespace, but i cant confirm.

I'd be curious to hear from an expert, but the source doesn't look like Squarespace sites that I've dabbled with.
These styles are trending in web design right now. Its style-sheet heavy and uses some cool animations, and I bet it dynamically sizes for mobile/portrait viewing also. My college also has style like the Royal Navy site but it definitely wasn't a SS template, they use their own hosting and IT/Marketing guys to build it.
Glad to see I'm not the only one who thinks it's gorgeous. I've been following the trend but I'm also going to school for this stuff.