Is The Razer Naga That Bad?

Okay, so I've been considering a new mouse, ever since my veteran Dell wireless mouse broke (strong 5 years together :/), and I have been taking quite the interest in the Razer Naga 2012 Edition. It looks really sleek in my opinion, and the keypad functuon I can utilize to different functions, which I like. However, there are many mixed reviews, and that discourages me. So, as the title says, is the Naga really that awful? Is there an alternative to such a palm grip mouse?

It is crap, razer mice are crap. Get something real. Look at the M90 from corsair.

This one?:


Looks unique. I'm assumimg you own one Scraps, how do you like it?

Everyone will have an opinion on the mouse of choice and here is mine. I like the size, fit, and positions of the buttons. This also comes with drivers for full set up.


Razer isn't all that bad. I own a Deathadder and it has never let me down. 

As far as MMO mice go I think the G600 would be a better option as I've heard many complaints about the button placement on the M60. If you don't need as many keys though the M60 from Corsair is a good option.

Well Evo, I like your recommendation. There's many features packed in that mouse for suh a price! The 'scaly' textures really reel me in, and although I have mever heard of the company SHARKOON, it seems they make reasonable products. The grip looks nice as well. 

I second carlos' recommendation on the G600.  Probably a better choice if you want an MMO-style mouse.  It will last much longer than the Naga would

There's nothing wrong with Razer mice. Some of their keyboards and other peripherals might be a little iffy, but they've always made some pretty nice mice. If you want the Naga, then go for it. As others have said, though, the G600 is a good alternative as well.

I personally really want to get my hands on the Razer Ouroboros. I have a Logitech G9X right now, but I ended up getting it because no mouse on the market really had the feature set that I wanted, and the G9X just looked like a really nice mouse. Don't get me wrong, the G9X is an amazing mouse, but the Ouroboros has all the features in a mouse that I was originally looking for.

Also, my brother has the Razer Naga Elite, so I can definitely vouche for Razer mice. They make some nice stuff.

You CANNOT decide on a mouse based on its brand (not even logitech or steelseries).

If it is possible for you to get your hands on one before you buy take it for a test run.

Does it feel good in your hand?

Can you move it without having your fingers in odd places, such as your pinky dragging on the pad?

When you observe the cursor does it glide smoothly or does it jump at certain points?

Do you use palm or claw grip? Take a good look at the eargonomics of the mouse, does it look like it would fit your style?

Those are the most fundamental things to look for when deciding on a mouse. The mouse is pretty much the most notorious peripheral for being 100% personal preference, period.

The point behind a mouse is to have using it along with all of its perks feel like a natural body movement. If it is uncomformatable you are doing it wrong unless you are a masochist.

Everyone is all about DPI right now and I don't understand why. The only reason you would need massive 8400 dpi or whichever is the highest right now is if you are running a wackload of displays. For example even 8400 is rediculous for 6 displays on a game that requires a lot of dpi. You barely even touch the mouse and the cursor is already on the otherside of the screen.


If you have no hope of touching a mouse before you buy it then look at all "video" review and unboxings around, readup on the specs, study on how the mouse looks, think about what you will be using it for, on the reviews look for subjects that continue to come up among the numerous reviewers and make sure that they are video reviews only. 


The most important thing to note of all is to never listen to anothers opinion of is a mouse good or not. Ever, period, done. Not even your twin brother or sister...


Now personally my favorite is the Logitech G9X. And ever since I tried out the Ouroboros (post recent synapse update) I use it as well.

Razer mamba is an eargonomic goldmine. Steelseries Sensei has top tier build quality. All of which stated btw have quality high rate lasers or optics, you know.. so it would be a "smooth" experience if you know what I mean.


But again, do your own research and make sure that whatever you are looking for is worth throwing money at in your own mind.

I appreciate the responses! Guided me a lot on what to buy.

I have two nagas, one original and the naga epic and love them both, and also the razer bluetooth mouse (Cant remember the name) and like that as well. if you can you should try a few before you buy one

I have mainly used logitech and razer mice. Logitech are definatly more durable, but they dont feel polished or precise. Comfort wise, you cant beat razer. I use an mx Revolution at work, and a deathadder for gaming. Both are great mice.

See, a reason why I was considering the Naga was that I have small hands, and the Naga us a small mouse. Do you think my hands would fit the G600 with either palm or fingertip?

Appreciate the comments. Now it's time to go to my local hardware store and check out if they have some mice on the list.