Is the NVIDIA Shield TV worth it now?

I'm not sure where to put this but here goes anyway haha.
I'm looking at the Shield lately and it seems pretty nice. I have a 4k tv but the built in software isnt that great. The shield looks nice for a set top box and it'd be cool to stream games in 4k since I have a GTX1080 in my main PC now.

I'm just wondering if there's like a Shield 2 coming out soon or if it's still worth it to buy it.

its not worth.

doesn't look like there will be one.

I don't think the Tegra X1 can steam at 4k.. Maybe the X2?

"NVIDIA SHIELD - 4K HDR Streaming Media Player

Enjoy the convenience of playing PC gaming on your TV with your SHIELD. Connect your SHIELD TV to a 4K TV and enjoy 4K, 60fps gaming with 5.1 surround sound through our GeForce Experience Beta."

I still question how good that would be or work.

The biggest problem with these new NVIDIA techs they come up with is the massive introduction cost, for example g-sync would have been hugely successful if it didn't cost $200 for the controller board on launch.... (say $50)

Ok if you can get a shield, please let us know how well that 4k streaming tech works for you. I still question it!

Yeah I'm definitely thinking about it. I have a wireless ac router right next to the box and my tv is very low latency.

Still I'm curious if anyone else has tried it.

Why no love for Ethernet?

how much can you get a shield thingo for these days?

Because you can't feel the 4k penetrate you as much?

Got a friend who owns all the shield products, portable, tablet, and tv. He doenst hardly use the TV other then to play the older FF games, the n64 emulation is alright but the real advantage to it is as a media devise. It works great for netflix, hulu, xbmc (whatever they call it now), internal network streaming, and game streaming. If you use it for any of those it maybe worth it, i wouldnt recommend the pro though, too much for to little in my opinion but thats just me.

I didn't even realize you could plug right in! That's nice

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New for the 16gb TV is $200 and the 500gb version is $300, and the tablet was $200 but it looks like Nvidia is going to be refreshing that product or discontinuing it. Both are on eBay cheaper though.

Which one? The tablet?

The tablet is the one that went out of stock everywhere which is why there is speculation it will be refreshed/discontinued.

Yeah I'd probably use it for all of that.

I dunno, rather put the money towards a VR helmet or new monitor. You know acer just released their 32" 4k gsync screen, not badly priced either.

Anyone else have any experience with this?

Have you bought it already maybe? Im in the same spot you were in the begining - considering buy for Netflix mostly :)

Still debating haha

I have one and picked up a second one a while ago.

I only really use it for the game streaming feature. It does very well at this, better than steam in-home streaming as far as I can tell. It can also be used over the internet and maintain a very playable low or unnoticeable input lag.