Is the GPU causing this?

The past few months I've swapped a 8800GT for a 250GTS not a big deal I know. I swapped them because I started getting lines on my card for the second time after baking it which really worked for a few months. Now the problem is coming with the 250GTS but I don't know if the GPU is causing the problem...
 This is how it looks right now after being on for two days while watching the TEK theres lines and multi coloured dots on Logans face. Other problems is when I'd be playing my computer would freeze video and repeat 2 seconds of audio. I really don't have a single idea if its the GPU or the motherboard please help!!


  • CPU - AMD FX(tm)-4170 Quad Core 4.2ghz
  • 8GBS Ram
  • m5a99x EVO
  • 750watt Coolermaster PSU 

No idea what else to include.

GPU overheating problem. Either it be GPU core itself or VRM components overheating. This is the most likely scenario for the problems you described.

Also why did you bake your graphics card PCB? That can cause cold fractures in your soldier joints which opens up a whole slew of problems.

I haven't baked the 250GTS, I'm sure it is caused by overheating as its just a blower fan. I have my case fans on high while gaming but med range while I don't do anything maybe its not getting enough air... While gaming I put the blower fan at 100% because im scared of crashing. Also most of the time nvidia driver just crashes and it fine afterwards.

Download GPU-Z and monitor your graphics temperatures on it's sensor tab while gaming, if your GPU is getting up around 80-90*C consistently, you have a heat problem.

I use MSI afterburner to monitor heat while the blower is at 100% its around 50-55*C never see it higher when its at 100. When its on automatic it gets to around 60-70*C but nothing higher.

I also just noticed you don't see the multi coloured dots and lines on my picture.... As I restarted my computer I thought it was there after I took the picture because all the dots and lines were in the same places.... Fail

What temperature is your GPU VRM? This is important because if your VRM is conventional linear regulator mosfets any temperature over 70-80*C will majorly degrade the voltage output they are capable of producing for the GPU core and VRAM. This causes a massive v-droop putting the GPU voltage way under spec for normal operation leading to crashes and lock-ups.

I really don't know where the VRM temp is but here's a shot from GPUZ

what exact card do you have? Link to a page or photo? Is it a reference blower or what?

250GTS zotacThis is the one