Is the 980 coil whine safe?

So I have returned two 980s already, this is my third and all of them have coil whine... I have a Corsair CX 750m PSU so I am sure it is enough power... It is very light coil whine when gaming on ultra, when playing heavily modded Skyrim it gets pretty loud. I am ok with the noise as I use closed headphones, I would like to know, is it safe if I keep playing with the coil whine? I heard both yes and no so I am confused if this is ok... 


Some more info: It is the Asus GTX 980 Direct DCO2 Factory OC

The way I installed it was by plugging one 6 pin from the psu to the card, and connecting the other 6 pin to the little split adapter thing that came with it and plugging that into the other 8 pin on the card (I think it was 8) I hope this isn't the cause. But I'n sure I installed it right....

I'm really happy with my PC, and if it wasn't for helpful forums like this I would not be building it because I don't even computer. Thanks all for the help so far. 

Coil whine is always safe. I actually quite like the sound.

It may be safe but it would drive me insane.

To clarify, if it was a constant whine I would be able to ignore it, but the coil whine I've seen & heard ramps up & down in oscillation depending on load. KILL. IT. WITH. FIRE.

Do you hate fans then?

No, in fact I had 5 Scythe Ultra Kaze 3000 rpm fans in my rig, sounded like a server room strapped to each ear. Here's the kicker it was a constant/uniform tonality which was easy to accustom oneself. The coil whine I'm talking about changed pitch and tonality depending on GPU load IE: low-mid-low-high-mid-high

This explains it better

During games GPU load doesn't change: it's always 100%. It can change when you transition from menu to loading screen to gameplay (same as fans), but it doesn't change when you actually play.

I have a 970 that whines under load.