Is Registered RAM a hard requirement for EPYC, or does Unbuffered work?

I am considering upgrading from a Threadripper 1900X to an EPYC 7282 or 7302P, but I’d like to avoid buying all new RAM. However, since the Threadripper uses unbuffered RAM, I have a bunch of 16 and 32 GB ECC UDIMMs, while it seems that EPYC supports Registered ECC RAM.

Is Registered RAM a hard requirement on EPYC, or will unbuffered also work?

(Edit: I’ve now purchased an EPYC 7282 and an ASRock Rack ROMED8-2T. Once they arrive, I will report my findings.)

I am yet to see an EPYC board that claimed to support UDIMMs. If you do switch, you could try it, it should not be a component destruction hazard…but I would not blame you if you werent willing to take any risks, lol.

If I understand correctly, EPYC is similar to Xeon - it absolutely requires registered ECC memory. For these CPUs’ primary target market of servers, data integrity is imperative, particularly for processes or data sets that are held in RAM for performance reasons. So… sorry, yeah, you’re gonna need new RAM.

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