Is Raid 1 system recoverable on different mobo?

This is my first post here and I believe i have a strange question. I recently had a MSI P67 chipset board with a 2500k bite the dust. Yes their is a P67 chipset before the correction police come rushing in. This got me thinking about the NAS video i watched on TEK. The one with the 10 HGST drives they have in a raid. What if that board was to die? not the drives themselves just the board. can this info be rebuilt/redone on another system? I understand if you were to get the exact same board again maybe but what if like me you had a very odd board like the p67 chipset series. The reason i ask is when you use a huge raid like that as your main backup and you trust it so much because of ECC memory and Freenas being so reliable and you don't have an offsite or 2nd in house backup are you just screwed?


Different raid controllers is probably the cause the issue here. A good workaround is a raid add in card (hopefully it doesn't die). Assuming you can get ahold of a mobo with the same raid controller it should be fine. I'm not sure if you'd be screwed (there are many ways to get data back but i have not looked at how they all work) but it would definately be a hassle if you're not screwed.

This just makes me want to use externals and make my own mirrors or buy a JBOD enclosure cheap and manually copy my stuff. Dont get me wrong i don't have tons of important stuff to backup but losing pictures of my wife and daughter really suck.

Externals are a great way to back up data off site, are simple to use, and for important data like that i can't recommend them enough.

most of the time, if your raid/mb breaks then you cant recover without rebuilding data structures. you can of course backup such a thing but not the best or easiest to do.

if im wrong feel free to correct me.

on raid 1 its very simple. (as its just a mirror)

All you have to do is insert one of your hdd's into new mobo, enter raid bios and check if it sees it as raid 1 or not, if yes insert 2nd drive and restart - enter raid bios activate. If it doesn't recognize it simply set it to raid 1 with 1 drive, and boot up your pc... then hot plug your 2nd drive. (enable hotplug)