Is origin as bad as they say/how do you feel about it?

I ask because I don't use it and the humble bundle makes it temping.  My concerns with it are how in the past ea was caught using origin to scan people's computers and alter files(apperently in search of pirated games) and how ea auto signed origin account names to a pro gay rights petition, nothing against gay rights stuff I just dont want my name/account to be used to sign any petition without my consent first. 


So yeah is it still bad or did ea fix it?

It's as bad as steam.

So its fine and people who complain about it bacuase its drm and not becuase of legit are midly autistic? 

No, it's worse than they say.

Personally I will never use it again. From paying for games, and receiving the wrong ones, to paying for boost (NFS Online), and not receiving anything. Having to jump thru more hoops than a circus dog to get their mistakes rectified...Just giving up on NFS Online lost Boost, and disappearing cars from my garage. And then, when everything is finally resolve, you think you can relax, and enjoy your games..."SERVER ERROR"...

So, I will never use Origin Again, even if that means not playing games I was looking forward to.

Never had so much as a glitch with STEAM...

Origin is EA's version of Steam. It's no better than Steam, but the reason it's so hated is that users who want to play games such as BF3 or Sims etc.. will need to install yet another Digital Distribution/DRM Application just to install and play the games.

If users had the choice to use Origin or Steam, they would stick with Steam, the fact that EA forced their hand made everyone revolt and denounce the product.

Their hate for Origin is justified.

I have no hate for Origin...It just doesn't work, that's what I hate. In my household I'm the one that less uses it, so it is not just my opinion. FIFA servers are always down (no me playing), my girlfriend's game of choice never worked (guess we all know that one), bought Cryses3, and BF3 Premium, only to get the Mass Effect Pack (took three days to resolve), the constant problems with NFS Online...

I can't remember one instance where anything went smoothly with Origin...I will have to buy FIFA14 for my daughter (she plays soccer, and is a big fan)...But that is it...

So, I don't hate Origin, could care less about DRM Distribution/Application. I just hate that most of the time it does not work...Pure incompetence, and greed.


Lets just say its so bad that i had to wait about a month or so to be able to play BF3 after just getting my pc.