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Is Opera Browser Safe?



So I have to admit, as much as I love Vivaldi, I would love to use opera. However with it getting hoovered up by china and all of these...... "Convenient Services" it boasts..... Is it even safe to use anymore?

I ask because I have a lot of incompatibility with websites in vivaldi because the functionality isn't there yet, or theres a bug. For example, if a youtube video is in webm it refuses to play. Soundcloud doesn't work. Things like that, just little things.


works for me in linux. using Vivaldi.


Yeah I'm playing with some stuff on the aur now to see if I'm just missing shit.


I am leaning towards no.

I used to use it quite a bit back in the day, didn't much like IE and Netscape was too slow.

However, I can't really abide it since it sold to a Chinese consortium. That's not based on any evidence of tampering or whatever, just my opinion.


i've been using opera on ubuntu for a couple of years with no suspicion that it was unsafe. owned by a chinese company but the devs are finns so i think they would fight hard against tracking. the vpn service runs through different country servers so that would be my only worry.

as opera is using the blink engine it is as fast as chrome but uses far less mem.

would def suggest trying it.


What browser is safe these days? LOL! I mean in regards to banking and doing similar things I use Google Chrome. In regards to other browsers I used in the past I find that they all are sluggish, freeze up doing certain things, etc.


I'm curious, why do you guys use Vivaldi over Chromium?


I use it because of the customizability. So much to configure and i don't have to go through a BS extension store to do it.


probably all the ridiculous, over the top baked in customizeability


I'm an FF/Seamonkey man myself, but I guess I see the appeal.


You need to compile Vivaldi with the Chromium codecs.

From here:

WebMs work fine for me on Linux using Vivaldi as long as I install it with the ffmpeg codecs.

The note taking feature is fantastic. It's basically this process:

highlight text to take note of
right click and click "take note" or wtv

This creates a note that contains the text, a link to the webpage, and a screenshot of the page all at once.

The Side Panel is the other primary reason I use it. It also has built-in tab layouts. Like, if I group some tabs together, I can have the browser split the tabs across the window in columns. Useful if you own a 1440p or greater display and especially useful if you own an Ultrawide.


I trust china about 5 billion times more than the US government.

China just wants to know if you have large bank accounts they can steal from or if you are going to be a threat to their national security.

Outside of that, they could care less about you.

The US government on the other hand wants to know your dick size so that when they purify the american race, they will only let big dick people live. True story.


Really? Future looks great for black people in America then.


Define safe - no browser is "safe".


I think safe in this context refers to keeping your computer safe from threats on the internet through normal use.
It cant protect against stupid, but it should be able to protect from visitng websites containing malicous content, intentional or otherwise. Unintentional malicous content can be served by adverts, and could appear anywhere.

I hear stories about people running browsers in sandboxie, and that was not good enough. It could still access or infer things about the host computer.
Now, thanks to Edge still running in ring 0 (i assume so), running a browser in a VM, complete with barebones windows installation is not enough! Reminds me of the "Taylor Algoithms" from Eternity.


When I send "hate mail" to any government agency I use MS Explorer.
On my mother-in-law's PC


This priv escalation bug is ridiculous.