Is one sided (Mono) headset worth it?

I thinking of buying a Mono headset for my computer everyday use. it’s light and good for calls but I’m not sure if it will work for the daily use and listening to Youtube videos! The one I found is wireless which is a good thing for me but not sure again if it’s worth it or not. Anyone here uses it?


Any reason in going for mono over stereo?

When you do a lot of voice calls, a headset makes sense. Personally I would go for stereo over mono though.

When it is just listening to things, Koss KPH30i beats everything in its price range.

I just like the fact that it’s light and small. I would guess that it’s comfortable but I haven’t tried it to be honest.

You could look into true wireless earbuds not in ear (to avoid complete isolation) if you’re not getting that many calls. Even the cheap pairs can do decently in a not very noisy environment. The ones that don’t require any app to work can be paired with any bluetooth device.

I had one for a while, to be honest it spent most of it’s time around my neck. In such a way that the mic was in a good spot but I used my desk speakers for sound.

These days I use desk speakers and a USB mic stuck to my monitor stand. Headphone would be preferable but the interfere with my hearing aids.