Is Network+ worth it?

I'm finishing up my studying for my A+ exam. Will be taking it within the following few weeks. I'm thinking about going and concentrating in networking. Network+ is supposed to teach you about the fundamentals but is it worth it going for the certification also? I follow this IT Professional on YouTube that believes you should study for the exam but instead use it as a foundation to go for the the CCNA instead. Thoughts?

My information is out of date and second hand so verifying this is strongly recommended, but if you get Networking+ (or possibly some other certifications from that level) that would waive the requirement to renew the A+ cert every so often. At the very least having both certs would make for a nice qualifications portfolio (my opinion really) and it gives you a little breathing room for future planning. As far as the pursuit of the networking knowledge, I wouldn't be surprised if Qain chimes in on this at some point.

I personally don't have any certifications because they weren't needed for my current job but I've been toying with the idea of getting them, really more just for the hell of it than anything else. I have some IT knowledge but everything I know is self-taught and I don't have any formal education, my "resume" is just a huge collection of small projects and various tweaks I've done in Windows and Linux. But the point of my little tangent here is that if you're interested in going forward in the IT world I recommend making IT one of your hobbies as well as your profession because there is always stuff to learn and becoming comfortable with that amount of learning, and also learning inside and outside of your job, will help you long term.

That all being said, best of luck on your A+ exam and your future endeavors. Live long and prosper. :)

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If you get the Net+, it automatically renews the A+. If you get the Security+, it renews both the A+ and Net+. And so on. Get the Net+ cert. I trained for both Net+ and CCNA. I have yet to take the CCNA but I have my Net+. CCNA is Cisco specific and there are many other hardware companies out there besides Cisco.

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I've heard CCNA/E is where it's at if you want to make good/decent money. I do prefer vendor neutral solutions myself but unfortunately we gotta go where the marketability is. Thanks for the help.

Thanks for the help. It's helpful to have a renewal since the tests only get more expensive from here on out. I've loved computers ever since I was a kid so doing IT stuff at home is already in my blood. I use to write BAT scripts in Windows 95 in my spare time, haha.