Is Netflix still only 720p on Linux?

Hey all,

As most of you probably know, Chrome and Firefox only work up to 720p for Netflix streaming. That isn't just a Linux limitation, but for all platforms.

On a PC, you have to use Microsoft Edge/Internet Explorer, or Safari on mac.

I was wondering if it's possible to get 1080p on something like IE through Wine or something like that.

I want to do this for my HTPC, which is running Linux. 720p doesn't look 'great' on my TV.

Its one of the things that's starting to put me off Netflix. I can accept it having to use chrome. But to restrict me to 720p because I'm assumed to be a criminal doesn't bode well to me paying Netflix more money. Especialy when I'm paying the same as others who do get 1080p.

As far as I knew it didn't even work in edge? You had to use their Netflix windows 10 app to get all the features ..?

Huh. I have never messed around with netflix. I do not see why firefox would not work.

While it has depreciated NPAPI support, you can still enable it. I bet you there is some backwards way of getting it to work.

As far as internet explorer goes I am pretty sure it wont work. You need IE 11 or edge which wine currently does not work well for.

Its not that it doesnt work, its that Netflix DRM restricts you to 720p to prevent you from ripping it at higher quality.

Lol, so? People would still rip it even at 480i.

Apparently thats acceptable. People want higehr quality these days. Now you know why DRM is ridiculous and just hurts the paying consumer.


I just use Edge for netflix and thats it. Can confirm it is of 1080p quality.
I don't pay for Netflix, my parents do. But I do agree that it is of shitty practice lately.
I'm thinking about just switching to crunchyroll.

From what I am reading the way it works is Netflix depends on silverlight for DRM. Silverlight runs off of NPAPI. NPAPI has been scrapped in chrome and firefox. So netflix falls back to flash. Flash can not apparently handle 1080p? I see that flash can support 1080 at 24fps so maybe the issue is that netflix runs at 30 or 60 FPS which is beyond flash's capabilities?

With chrome in particular it was just completely killed off in favor of chromes pepper API.

Obviously that means that NPAPI has been removed for chromium and all of the browsers based off chromium.

Firefox has also tried to get rid of NPAPI support as well, but you can still enable it.

So there is definitely some limitations to DRM, but I think this has more to do with software support than it does DRM practices.

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