Is my CPU bottle-necking my GPU?

I have an XFX Radeon HD 6770 1GB GDDR5, and my processor is an Athon II x4 650 3.2GHz. I play a lot of my games on max, but some games (DayZ [ARMA2], PlanetSide 2, GW2 to some extent) I have to play on low settings for them to be playable to my standards (40+ fps, constant). Is it my processor that is holding me back on these games, or is it the GPU? Thanks!

EDIT: I already plan on upgrading to a Phenom II x4 965, but will it be a noticable difference?

My "family" rig had a 6670 and a athlon x2 I recentley added a apu (a-10 5800k) made everything alot faster but I had to buy a new MoBo 

No man your build is fine. My phenom II X4 965 isn't bottlenecking with my 6770 (Sapphire) and you're fine. Its a bit hard to bottleneck it with a quad core. Considering that, you're just over the bottlenecking range.

He doses not have a phenom he has a athlon just like I did and for me it WAS bottlenecking the 6670