Is my CPU a bottleneck?

Hey Everyone.

I've recently updated my GPU to a GTX770 and was wondering if my CPU is a bottleneck.

It's an AMD FX6300 with a mild overclock.

Thanks for your time :)

no the FX6300 will drive the gtx770 just fine(1), with the coming overhead reductions in graphics APIs, processor speed will become even less important.

(1) i would guess that you'll get  on average an extra 5 frames with an i7

Okay thanks for your help :) I'm not sure what part of my system to upgrade next now :P

SSD is always an option. Ram can be beneficial, but without knowing your system we can't really know where the issue could be.

I've got 16GB of ram and a Kingston HyperX SSD so I'm okay in those departments. The next logical step is CPU + Motherboard. Right now I have the FX6300 and an Asrock extreme4 mobo. Before making changes there I need to decide whether my next chip will be Intel or AMD...

if you' looking to burn some money i'd go after an freenas box, o maybe an pcie-ssd with 2000mb/s & 400'000iops.

Buying a current gen intel or amd processor isn't going to net you much benefit in games, compared to what you have now.

I would wait at least for Broadwell, or fx10xxx

I also do some video editing using Adobe Premier Pro for YouTube and audio production using FL Studio. Would you recommend sticking with the FX6300 and waiting for Broadwell and FX10xxx or bite the bullet now? 

well i would enable Nvida's Cuda for video rendering in premier pro, that's going to be faster then any consumer-processor. Besides intel's quicksinc has muddy video quality.

You could get even better video quality with OpenCL rendering, but any gains would be lost in YouTube's own encoding anyway & your Nvidia card is going to be significantly faster with Cuda than with OpenCL (for now)

i would wait for at least Broadwell (end2014beginning2015) and it's lower tdp and stuff it in a tiny steambox sized case.

Also AMD's HSA in APUs in combination with DDR4 RAM might make for a very enticing option if you want a low price good performance secondary rig to chew on video encoding while you can game on your main rig. (beginning2015)

Fx10xxx is probably a long way off i recon at least another year & a half.

Keep in mind that in the last 3 years performance stagnated in processors. Intel had damaged AMD with illegitimate actions resulting in AMD taking a financial hit and AMD has been lagging behind in terms of fabrication technology ever since. AMD couldn't really pressure Intel into pushing performance. Intel used this time-out from competition to hunt for efficiency and low power-consumption, in their quest to get more x86 into tablets and phones.

The conclusion, given your current rig, now is a bad time to invest in new gear, use your graphics card for encoding.

Anything significantly faster (>2x) then what you have now, would be to buy something like a 6core-xeonCPU and a firepro-Card -> $3500-5000

Thank you for a very comprehensive answer. It sounds like my current rig is pretty solid for what I need to do and that an upgrade might be only be worthwhile at some time during 2015. I Appreciate all the time and detail you put into your response :)

upgrade might be only be worthwhile at some time during 2015.


Appreciate all the time and detai...

You are welcome