Is my computer good?

What do you think of my soon-to-be computer!

i think it good even sexy but what are you planning to do whit your pc gaming video editing

Why is there a 660 and not a 7870?!

This is a stupid reply.

I'm a fan of AMD cpu's and cards but this is just a plain fanboy comment.

People can use nVidia or AMD. It's up to them. a 660 is going to offer great performance. Not only that, but Adobe programs are going to run much better with the use of those CUDA cores. Granted, i believe a 7870 is a teeny bit better in terms of just gaming, but NOTHING is wrong with a 660.

As for the build, bump your memory down to 1600. The 3570k memory controller can only support up to 1600.

Also, the SSD you chose is nice, buy rather expensive. Pick up an Adata SX900. Cheaper, and still quite nice.

Yeah you are right. The 7870 is only better when you do above 1080p resolutions. 

Nothing is wrong with either card. In fact, the 660 is actually a better choice if you're going to do editing.

a slightly Oc'd 7870 usually can perform around 660ti levels, and since they're around the same price and the 7870 will OC higher, it makes sense to reccommend it, not fanboyish at all.

As for the memory comment, it can and WILL take advantage of memory above 1600, its just that that Controller natively supports 1600, doesent mean thats the max memory bandwidth it can use/handle.

although for gaming there is no real difference and its not huge improvements when rendering it still is an improvement that is measurable. 

But his original comment basically just stated "omg a 660 dump it and buy a 7870"

If you're going to be editing as well, an nVidia card is a much better choice. I'm not fanboying either sides, as I actually am running an all amd setup and I love it. But before you recommend something, you need to first find out what they're doing.

For pure gaming, I'd honestly choose an all AMD build, because it is what they decided to orient themselves towards. The 8350 is one of the best gaming cpus available, and the AMD card lineup is absolutely outstanding for gaming. I think it's ridiculous that the dev's couldn't make adobe more AMD friendly, but whatever. That's marketing strategy for ya.

Only if you Use CUDA in Adobe, that the Only time the Nvidia Cards are better for Editing, go look at the Open CL performance of the Nvidia cards, the AMD cards absolutely kill the Nvidia lineup, so When looking into people who may edit, unless the Specifically state they're using Adobe Products, The Raw performance of the AMD cards is actually better.

Just wait until adobe introduces more OpenCl support, CUDA will become a moot point, lets also remember that the OP was talking about gaming, where the 7870 will beat the GTX660, and it also comes with free games, offering much more value for the money. 

Looks good to me. I don't know why people keep buying Arctic Silver 5 though.

Okay, yeah. Good point.

I'd honestly rather AMD's cards anyway. They're just more geared towards gaming and offer a better performance.

If you are doing just gaming then pick up a HIS IceQ turbo for 210$ and i would personaly go with the AMD fx 8350 just beacuse in games it is a bit faster then the 3570k. But if you are doing editing i would preffer the 660 but get the EVGA one its superclocked you have a backplane and its a bit cheaper then your one. For editing i would still prefer the 8350 just because its an absolute POWERHOUSE. However the Intel way is more future proof. I think its a great build however.

Just for gaming :)

I've heard many good reviews and even seen it in a few build video so I just assumed it was a good choice.

Yes I do beleive AMD CPU's are better for video editing but i'm likely never going to be doing that.