Is my card running to hot? (7870)

so im newer to the building and managing of PCs. ive recently got the 7870 and im just wanna make sure im not doing something wrong. After about 10-15mins of BF4 on Medium settings my gpu seems to push 70c in game and only drops down to about 39-45c on idle. 


XFX 7870 Ghz Edition 2gb (Stock)

BF4 Medium settings 60-71c 

After game on desktop 39-45c


Nope thats about normal ide temps are a little high sounds like a lack of airflow in your case.

Ok ill try and resort it all thank you very much :)

Those temps are fine ☺

That's about high norms for that particular card...

I had a 7850 xfx core for a spell, and that's around the same as it.

gpu´s under full load can easaly hit 90 degrees without problems.

That is well within the norm for 7870s except maybe just a little warm for just medium settings. (but that maybe just bf4) I would say look at your case and see if there is something that can be done with improving airflow. Normal cleaning, cable management, adding a extra fan to increase airflow directly to the gpu. XFX are hot running cards anyway. Just keep a close eye on it.

That's fine. My 7970 runs at 100C when mining coins.