Is my Build fine?


Hey forum, I was wonderin if my build is good, bad, or a few things should get changed. It's my first time building a pc, and I'm not sure if these parts would work together. I plan on mostly playing games, maybe a little video editing, and some over clocking. Btw, I already have a CPU cooler but I don't know it's name and don't plan on buying a new one. I also have an optical drive (no point wasting my time adding it to the list), the video card that's in the list and the PSU. I can't decide on which case to get since there are so many. What I want is a case less than 50$, with USB 3.0 (need) and an acrylic side window (don't need but want). A HDD isn't in the list also because I couldn't decide which to get; 2 500gb HDD and use one for backup, or 1 1tb HDD. Any feedback is appreciated, so, thanks :)

Btw, my budget is 600$ (excluding the PSU, video card and optical drive). I also already have a mouse, keyboard, and monitor. 

its fine but you might want to spend a little more for a graphics card. Your really overdoing it with that psu unless you have another card or planning on getting an upgrade

Seconded. GPU needs some beefing up if you're gonna be gaming.

What gpu would you recommend that's fairly cheap but performs great? And can be sli or crossfire in the future?

What gpu do you think I should get that's fairly cheap and can be sli/crossfire in the future?

what price gpu?

225$ or less. 

this is one good option

200$ with 20$ rebate



Just to be a pain but make sure the CPU Heatsink you have already, is both rated for the new CPU your buying and actually fits the socket type of said new CPU.

 The retail 6300 heatsink is fine for general use but if your going to overclock as you suggested you will need something with a bit more power.

really good

Find a cheaper one of these from somewhere its basically a crippled 7950 it has the same gpu Tahit but 2 les vcn cores.

Analogy: 8350 vs 6350

All those video cards have great reviews nd look great, but it's gonna take a while on which to decide. But first I need to decide on a case and a HDD setup. Should I get 1 1tb HDD or 2 500gb HDD and use one for backup. And can anyone suggest me some quiet cases, that can fit all my parts and more?

Tempest 410 for case and 1tb western digital blue.

I have build with the nzxt source 210 and other nzxt cases for friends. The Tempest 410 is the easiest case for cable management in that price range, it has an inch behind the motherboard tray. Also it is one of, if not the cheapest case to have 280mm radiator support (not that that matters) and has support for 7+ fans. It has 18cm cpu cooler clearance and is fun to work with.

honestly i think that the motherboard is overkill cause your not gonna be able to get a legitimate overclock without an aftermarket cooler

id go for this motherboard here

and you can get a 7950 for $240

That seems good. But do you know of any cases that are really similar but cheaper since I don't really wanna spend 50+$ on a case. 

If you dont care about refurbished, get a case, go to clearance, then refurbished. Then the nzxt tempest 410 is $34

Oh alright, thanks.