Is Linux worth it?

i would love to switch to Linux but, i need compatibility for gaming and school work. it looks great having Linux but i really love gaming. i want to play assassin's creed (they have up to revelations and brother hood) halo (they have the only halo compatible with PC other than 2 (which only runs on vista)) as well as half life 1 & 2 (all through things like WINE) and Minecraft (which doesn't need WINE) but it take years to get these WINE like programs to make these games compatible. im looking at using deepin flavor of linux, but i really want good gaming. what should i do?

Half Life and Minecraft will run native on Linux.

If you require a lot of Windows programs, and going against a general consensus here, it isn't.

Use what works for you. Maybe play with Linux on a laptop :)


all i really need from Microshaft is word and powerpoint. i mostly want Ubisoft stuff, Minecraft and half life. they seem to have almost everything, but it seems to take forever to get new stuff compatible, like assassins creed unity and black flag. other that that linux looks great, and i really dont want to give microshaft any money. (after windows 8 i just started to despise them.)

I use Microsoft Office 2010 in WINE (through play on linux) pretty well.

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good i hate office 2013 :P
any tips for linux?

Install a distribution such as Ubuntu (or another popular one to make it easier) and then just install the desktops you want. Don't distro hop to desktop hop.

i was looking at deepin. would that work fine? does each flavor have more or less compatibility?

Do you actually need office? I only ask because my uni was a microsoft place but i never used office for 3 years at home. I worked on libreoffice, google docs, and double checked in uni computers before submitting (or i exported as pdf since its the same everywhere).

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if i can write papers and presentations in something like office then i dont need it. i dont really even want it i just need to do school work.

Libreoffice its free

It'll work in wine. But if you decide to give Linux a go see what your options are. I would regularly do all my work in Libreoffice when double check on school computers that the formatting was kept on word or powerpoint which was usually a 10-15min job. For submissions id submit PDFs since that was accepted along with a number of formats.

And it beats having to run word in wine. One less propitiatory program to worry about.

My school offers remote virtual windows boxes than can be access via browser or VMWare View clients, pretty slick.

That's awesome.

That is how we do things at my work, We can not install WINE on company machines. MS would have a field day. So we spin VMs with windows apps from a server.

To the OP,
You really just need to see how your work/play load is and how it will be effected by each OS and then choose the most efficient one.

Even at Red Hat, there are people who use Mac's and Windows PC's.

Why when we develop a Linux OS in house.
Reason being is that you need to use the best tool for the job.

Ubisoft stuff (newer) ain't gonna run well in wine (it doesn't really run that well on window either lol)

Office has the webapp, 2010 works in wine 2013 can be ran in vmware/virtualbox, or just go libre office.

I am a Linux user and I game in Linux more than Windows but most AAA are ported later if at all so Gaming still isn't Linux's strong suit.

You could just run a dual boot for the games that don't work in Linux.

Minecraft works in Linux and so does Half life native

But why do you want Linux?

  1. its free
  2. i hate microshaft.
  3. i love customizing things, so linux is like a playground for my nerdyness.
  4. i HATE microshaft.
  5. it seems cool.
    so if new ubisoft stuff doent run very well on WINE that means it runs right? i dont really care if its 4k or anything i just want 60+ fps on good settings.
    one more thing can beamNG drive run on linux?
    could this dual boot?

If you are really nerdy and want to go for a really nice linux gaming setup.
Check out @Zoltans, what if I want everything thread.

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I wreck CSGO and LOL (when I was running Windows) with a 670, in wine LOL crawls at a mere 50 fps.

Linux isn't "free" Windows. If you are looking for simply a more customizable Windows this really isn't it. Linux works fundamentally different than Windows. Gaming is by no means perfect on it. Support is done through the community so you won't get instant responses unlike paid support. People will expect you to read documentation before asking a question.

Just letting you know what to expect. I use Linux everyday for personal use and rather enjoy it but it is different.

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