Is Linux ready for freesync

I use Linux for servers and I have attempted to use it for my desktop a couple of times but I always ran into issues that forced me back to Windows on my desktop. Most of these issues have been resolved with the release of things like Proton and general updates to the Linux system.
Last time I tried to switch to Linux I could not get Freesync working which resulted in me changing back to Windows.

I found a page on the AMD website " HOW TO ENABLE AMD FREESYNC IN LINUX" which indicates that there is some official support for it now but I would like to hear from someone who has this working to see if it is working correctly.
My main concern is “In multi-display configurations, FreeSync will NOT be engaged (even if both FreeSync displays are identical)” I am not ready to give up my secondary displays to switch to Linux.

Does anyone know if I can enable FreeSync on one monitor if I have multiple displays or if I would need to have only one monitor connected to the computer?
Does anyone have experience using freesync with games not listed in the page, especially with Proton and Wine?



Yeah freesync under Linux (and gsync) requires only 1 monitor. Also custom edid settings to increase the range can easily cause issues (dunno why yet).

I have a 1080TI atm so have only tested VRR mode which could have its own issues, I am interested in getting a BIG NAVI card sometime and trying native freesync, in hope that its better to get going.

Without a custom EDID, my monitors freesync range is 48-65hz/fps which is pretty terrible.

I have experience with Freesync on Mesa and native Freesync handles out of Freesync range framerates more gracefully than Nvidia. It’s either the Vblank is synced to the framerate, or it disengages and returns to tearing. Nvidia attempts to “divide” the frame rate into the framerate range for your monitor at all costs, so low FPS content has insane flickering. Going above the framerate range for your monitor on Nvidia tends to be better, because it disengages to tearing 99% of the time.

Thankyou for the information.
I am using a Vega 64 so I would get the native support, but I do not think it is worth switching if I have to only use 1 monitor. I like to have movies/web browsers/chat windows open on my secondary displays while I play my games.

If you put your web browsing stuff in a GPU passthrough VM, and you game on your host, that solves the problem right there.

Freesync works via GPU pass-through even with two monitors?