Is it worth it?

Im currently running a fx-8350 clocked at 4,4ghz, rx 480 32gb ram, SSD, and all that jazz, system and it really does run well, but im thinking of building a ryzen system but is it really worth it, how much gain is there with ryzen? i mean i game, develop, run vms etc on this machine with no problems at all, not even a cough under heavy load in vms, hell multiple vms, not a problem.
how much more can Ryzen offer me? i game 1440p with no problems, and multitasking runs rediculesly well, heck can have multiple games running at the same time without even a hickup, ofc i can hear my GPU ramp up abit but it really does run well when multi tasking.
If i make the transistion this old trusty fx-8350 will be turned into a vm server, but calculated from european dollahs into regular dollahs it would be a price tag of ~1400$(ofc, id be going all in, who wouldn't) give and take a few hundred dollars, does ryzen really offer that much of a performance boost?.

If you are fine with all you have and no problems to report then no.

Unless you yourself can see a place where your system is lacking that Ryzen is more capable in stick with what works.

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You talked me out of it.

If that $1400 is REALLY burning a hole in your pocket, how about a nice new office chair, instead?


If you're​ happy with the performance than leave it be.
You can save that cash for later when you do want an upgrade or life stuff, and when you're ready who knows what will be available.

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Well my e-peen tells me to buy a ryzen system, alas my logical sense says a 1400$ upgrade simply isn't worth it unless it is like a 1000% increase in performance.
But the e-peen really has alot of pull, guessing im not the only one who felt the urge.


Heck the op can upgrade their entire desk, monitor ergonomics, and chair.
Alternatively, the op can get a giant 40 inch 4k monitor and a Vega card when it releases to help development.

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There is that too.

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