Is it worth buying Battlefield 3 now

Just seen battlefield 3 on sale for £11 tempted to buy it but is it worth buying without DLC or should i not buy it anyway?

Yes because of the resent humble bundle bf3 is full of new players to play with and you cant grumble at £11 for a AAA game.

If you want to play it, get it! Most people paid $90+ for theirs and we had to play it while it was still broken.

Screw the DLC, it's never as good as the game anyway.

How big is the download too?


12-14gbs if i remember right it will take 20gbs of space on your hdd (without DLC)

I would say no. bf4 is right around the corner and in my opinion bf3 didnt really live up to being a "battlefield" game. it was kind of a pushout by dice to lure in cod fans and fill the time between bfbc2 and 4.

Not saying it is not a good game, cos ive had loads of fun on it, but it is at the end of its life cycle.


Personally, i would say unless you got it in the Humble Bundle it isn't worth it, due to the fact, that I do not support EA in anything they do and the proceeds would go into their pockets and not charity.

Find someone with an extra Origin key from humble bundle.


Do this ^

I managed to get bf3 in the Humble Bundle deal, I wouldn't have probably got it otherwise.