Is it worth £30 or $50 more?

Hi, i'm going to buy a custom built gaming PC from an online site called DinoPC:

They are based in the UK and that is where they ship to. Also (surprise, surprise) that's where I live aswell! What I need to know is whether it's worth spending £30 / $50 more on a motherboard which can cope with SLI/XFire? I thought that I would get 2xGTX 770's but It might just be best to get 1xGTX 780. What do you think is best?

BTW: the £30 / $50 more motherboard would run the cards at X16 X8. Im not sure if that's right but whatever! Thanks! 

BTW #2: Motherboard 1: Gigabyte Z87-HD3

               Motherboard 2: Gigabyte Z87X-D3H <-- £30 / $50 more!

Always go for a single card over multi-gpu setups so the gtx780 is the wisest choice. Motherboard wise for haswell, any midrange board will do even the hd3 will be fine. As long as you get a quad core cpu you'll have happy gaming for a good while.

I do recommend (over the titan) the 780 just because of the sheer numbers it puts up as a single gpu core... That being said, the red team is doing pretty well for itself in terms of price:performance.

Thanks! So do you think that the GTX 780 will be able to run Multiple monitors off of itself. That was one reason for going with 2 graphics cards, so that I can run multi monitor setups, if you receive this reply, tell me what you think. Thnx again

Thanks for the help, so do you think that it's worth going for a £30 / $50 more motherboard JUST in case I want to do SLI/XFIRE? Thanks again!

Multi monitors setups are a walk in the park for a 780 with the current crop of games. Even at higher resolutions like 1440p.

I agree with deejeta. There will be no compatibility issues.