Is it possible to give a java script FTP access?

I have a program called Zoomify on my SquareSpace website, but since I have connected my Domain to my SquareSpace website it stopped working.

The reason it stopped working as far as I can tell is because it can no longer access the directory that contained the image tiles that it used to make a zoomable image on my site.

Now when I try and go to the directory I just get a 404 page.

I have added a .htaccess file with the "Options +indexes" line in it as for another but very similar issue it was recommended as a fix by Disarrayer but that doesn't seem to help with this issue although minus the SquareSpace site now using that domain it's identical.

Cheers to anyone that can help me solve this one.

you need to add lib [that does ftp access] to your java lib repo that supports it.

list and review of libs