Is it possible to build a custom Windows install?

I was wondering if it is possible to build a custom Windows install image using a Virtual Machine or something.

With a custom image i mean that all the drivers (Nvidia,Logitech) and basic programs (Firefox,7zip) I need are already loaded into Windows so after install it I can just go. I would like to do this to Windows 7 x64.

I looked at a program called RT Seven Lite but it would not load 2 of my Windows 7 ISO’s.

Thanks :)

Yes, it's possible. What do you mean by "it would not load 2 of my Windows 7 ISOs"?

As far as I know RT Se7en Lite should be able to do that. You could try some other program instead such as NTLite.

You can also remove certain Windows components from the installation as well, although one needs to be careful not to remove things that are too important or else the system may be unstable or not fully functional.

Thanks for your reply.

When i try to load a ISO or Unpacked ISO into RT7 it gives me the option to select what version i want to use (pro,ultimate) so I select the one i want and then it gives me the error "Please select a valid Windows 7 operating system".

NTLite Seems to mount the image but i really don't know how to go from there. The drivers tab gives me the option to add drivers but only allows me to add .inf files. All the Drivers i download are normal .exe files with a installer and also a lot of drivers comes with other software too (Nvidia Options,Logitech Driver Suite).

You can find some guides online showing how to extract drivers from executable driver installers.

You can also look for guides on how to use NTLite.

For installing things, you might just be interested in Ninite instead., since it's easier to use (although limited selection of software)

Yes, yes it is. Microsoft even provides a program called Dism for it.
Check out these:

It works great, and I assume it's how all the OEMs pack their ISOs.

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I remember using DISM and SYSPREP in my previous job .

Have fun :)