Is it normal? (RAM)

Hi guys ! I was playing Tom Clancy's the Division when I was investigating why my game would keep crashing black screen from time to time. I found out that my PC only recognize 5.6Gb or RAM while I have 8. Is it normal that Windows 10 takes 2.4Gb or RAM only for himself? Knowing that, my game takes almost 80% of my available RAM. I think it's really demanding. 8Gb of RAM might not be enough anymore in 2-5 years I suppose.

The specs of your machine would be helpful.

no, that's not normal.... check to see if it shows 8GB in your bios.

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In :msconfig I can put my maximum memory up to 8gb.

After you done that, and rebooted the system, did you get the full 8GB usable then?

No... when I open my device manager it says I have 5.6 Gb. Right now just by writing this reply I am using 1.9Gb (34%) of it. I can understand I may have background programs running but that's not what matters. I just wonder if it's normal that W10 eats 2.4Gb of my RAM?

As @Deathright82 mentioned, did you check the RAM appears in bios? Would verify if the module is working/the ram slots themselves are working

Try putting all of your ram out and then firmly back in again.

I know it sound's silly but just try it. If it works cool if not "%/"=)%/"

Yes, it sees my 8Gb of RAM.


Wild stabs in the dark :D

Try switching off your cpu's integrated?

That can eat up memory even if it isnt being used.

also samsung's disk magician (which you may have on with that 850) also eats up a lot of memory.

Thanks ! I will investigate on that. And yes to both of your thoughts :P But about the CPU integrated, if I have a second monitor, I guess if I shut it down it won't work anymore?

I think the main culprit will be the disk magician (if you have it on) as integrated should only really eat up 64mb at most (I think).

disk magician is good (ram caching), I would be tempted to double up on ram just to keep it switched on.

It eats 15mb in my task manager. I have to say it's still too much imo since this app is among all other windows processus and of course Chrome. I have a question though. I see 6 tasks of Chrome running just right now. I only have 2 tabs open. I bet it could be the addons?

  • I tried shutting down Adblock for a minute and it doesn't do anything at all.

dont go by task manager for disk magician, the memory it sets aside for ram caching will be invisible to you, so it will just look like its 'gone'.

try switching it off and then check your total available.

For some reason I did some clean ups in my tasks (not even samsung magician) and somehow my task manager now sees 7.7Gb