Is it my mobo?

Hey I've got a pair of tp-link power line adapters model TL-PA411 and I'm having trouble with getting my PC to connect to the Internet but the thing is when I plug it into my Xbox 360 it can connect to the Internet so I'm thinking it may have something to do with my motherboard which is a gigabyte ga-78lmt with a FX 4130 it used to work but it stopped for no reason and then started working again so I'm really confused and I have no idea what to do to fix it



Is the computer and xbox in the same place? Are you moving the adapter to a different spot?

The power line plug doesn't move no

The few I have around my house are really temperamental when it comes to holding a signal. Cuts out inexplicably a lot. Is there status LEDs or something on the units?
If you know they have a constant network over the lines, then it very well may be a problem on the PC side. Not necessarily with the actual motherboard, however.

the first light is the power and the second one is if it's linked or not and the third is of data is passing through it

Well if they are always solid, and you cant connect on your PC, then the issue is PC side.

And you say it cuts in and out? Sounds like the adapter is at the edge of its range, or something, like it was with me. With mine, there is a distance where it sometimes cuts in and out randomly. This happened to me after a few weeks of it being fine. Changes in the wiring of your house can alter its ability to establish a connection. Like, for instance, if you connect a high powered device to it and have it on all the time. Pretty sure that is how it works. My house has multiple circuits as well, so sometimes it won't even connect, even when its close.

When I say it cuts out I don't mean every few minutes I got it working a bit ago somehow and then I unlocked my PC and it wouldn't connect to the Internet

Have you tried to plug your pc directly into your router to see if the problem arises then as well?

Well I've plugged it into my modem and it did not work so my motherboard is fucked

Might not be the motherboard itself. Sometimes my Ethernet port doesn't work because my windows doesn't recognize it.

Replace the defective mobo for now.