Is it enough for firefall?

hello all , i was wondering if you guys  could help me out a bit on something.

I am playing firefall and it frequently has fps lag, so my question is, do i need to upgrade my cpu or gpu?

cpu: dualcore Intel e2180

gpu: nVidia geforce 9600gt with 512mb ram.

also i have  4GB ddr3 ram

So like i said,  does my cpu or gpu make the game lag ? ( on minimum settings) especially when there are 2 or more players and alot of action is going on... 

which do you recommend ( keep in mind i need it only for gaming, and yes i know my configuration is very weak but it is what it is,just looking to make it sufficient enough so i can play some games normaly)

Thanks to all that can help me :)) 

Yes, you should be able to get by on low to moderate settings. Here is a link to the supermoderator's spec requirements (be careful if your afraid of clowns):