Is it bad if i pressed the stock fan down, picked it up and turned it around then put it straight back on?

I couldn't get the stock fans latch on


First time building -__-

Sorry I don't understand what you mean. CPU heatsink? Elaborate a bit more...

If you are on AMD, I have actually found that 90% of the time the stock heatsink does not want to clip properly, if you loosen up one side of the mount bracket so it sits slightly higher, it will let it clip, then you can resecure the mount ^^

well I put fan/heatsink with the pre-applied thermal paste down on the processor one way,

I could not get the clips to go (that secure it in place, as opposed to the push pins) and I felt I was going to break something so I took the heatsink/fan off,

turned it around and placed it back on top of the processor and was able to get the clips on.


I was doing quick googling and manual reading at the time and thought I read something about air bubbles if you remove the fan after it is placed, but i was reading quick and I was frustrated so I'm not sure what I really read.


I'm waiting on my video card to come in before I know if anything is really working right or not -__-

I see what you mean! Well air bubbles can be an issue, but I've done the same before and everything was alright. The air bubbles will have probably squeezed out the sides seeing as there's so much pressure on the paste.