Is is too late to buy a 600 series from Nvidia?

Is it too late to buy a 600 series card form Nvidia? Should I buy a 700 series instead? I'm looking to spend roughly $250 on a GPU. I will only be gaming. I need DVI and HDMI outputs. I'm open for 'arguements' over AMD and Nvidia on which card preforms better. I was looking at the GTX 760 which is exactly $250. My budget is around the $750 mark. My absolute maximum is $775. My build without a GPU is $491 so that leaves $290 to spend on a GPU. I plan on ordering this on Cyber Monday so I can get the best possible deal. If you have any suggestions on a build, please don't hesitate to tell me.


I'm no expert, but the 760 is looking quite good for the money. Also, 700 series' may be newer, but the 680 will be a better (albeit more expensive) alternative.

Is this for gaming or editing, and if you're editing, what software are you using?

wait a bit, prices are gona drop.

I stated in my post that this will be a gaming only PC. Games like- Arma 2, Arma 3, DayZ, Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, Minecraft, Red Orchestra 2, War Thunder, Euro Truck Sim 2. I can assure you that I will not be doing any editing or recording. I will be using Windows 7 HP as well.

I sure hope so. I plan on ordering my PC on Cyber Monday (Dec. 2nd) and hopefully prices will drop enough that I might be able to get better parts for cheaper.

Ooo I'd love to get a 680 but there almost $600 :(

the day of black Friday is the day for all the best deals on any computer related prices.

No point in getting a 600$ GTX 680 if a 770 is the same GPU for only 400$

there's already a report out on the interwebs that nvidia will drop prices or introduce new gpus to compete with AMD's pricing points.

Black Friday is when stores are cheap. Cyber Monday is when everything online is cheap. But maybe online is cheap on Black Friday as well.

I just found a gtx 660ti 3gb for $229 on pcpartpicker. That's a good card for that price. I would probably wait for AMD hawaii to come out and drop the prices of all the current cards, including nvidia's... Maybe a 600 series isn't worth getting at all.

I heard somebody on here that the 3GB version of the 660 Ti is a waste of money. Maybe not.

the increase in power between the 560, 660 and 760 is not large. 15% increase each generation? I would go for the GTX 760. If you can find a cheap second hand 680, snatch it up. The same with a 7970. You will see a much better performance increase with them. I honestly do not think the GTX 760 is worth buying. a GTX 770, 680, 7950 or 7970 are best value for the money. 

i would personally say wait till close before when you buy them, because prices will start changing real hard soon, especially with the Hawaii cards from AMD coming up.

But if you are looking at a 760 right now. you should note that a 760 slightly outperforms a 670 so only a 680 would really make sense if you chose to go for a 600 series card over a 700 series card.

Wow so no one is recommending to wait for the new r7 And r9 cards, first they'll have mantle support, the new audio stuff, better performance and price and new consoles have amd gpus so they'll be optimized for amd. Wait till mid October.

I knew about the new GPUs from AMD. I can't wait to see how they preform.

actually, i did recommend waiting for them.. they just aren't out yet. Also, some people just like nvidia.

The 660ti isn't far behind the performance of a 760, and it has more Cuda cores, AND its only $230. If you are not just gaming and are using CUDA applications, then the 660ti is a great buy.

ah, you changed your original post OP!

Overall, I would wait for the new hawaii series from AMD, which should be out by cyber Monday, but another good option is a 7970. They are coming down in price and I have seen them for as low as $260 on pcpricepicker.. but that was special deals.