Is Haswell ok in laptops?

I'm looking at getting a laptop for editing and gaming on-the-go, but I'm concerned with Haswell's overheating problem.  I wouldn't be overclocking or anything, but if it's going to give me problems then I'll go back a generation.  Though I'd really like a GTX 765 in the system :/

Does anyone know if this is an issue with the mobile chips? 

Haswell is great in laptops, trust me, overheating isn't an issue unless you have it on your lap, my laptop runs at about 90°c normally (sandy bridge) and is fine, as mobile chips get HOT. Haswell should actually be cooler in a laptop as it uses less power, and the overheating only really applies to desktops. Remember, haswell was designed to throttle.

Awesome!  I can place my order then :D

Yeah if worse comes to worst I'll just pick up a laptop cooler

Haswell is a godsend for laptops. The battery life is so much better. Im half tempted to sell my laptop and upgrade myself.

Finally!  I'm so sick of gaming laptops literally lasting 3 hours :(

Overheating applies to anything the produces heat.

My mates i7 Lappy overheated because it was bogged up with dust on the HS.  Toshiba Qosmio x870.

I'm not so quick to judge Haswell in a laptop since it also has an intergrated VRM on the cpu.

The throttling is good though, should prevent system shutdown.

Try cleaning out the heatsinks and replacing the TIM.