Is GreenManGaming trust worthy?

I know this sounds stupid, but is GMG trust worthy? I have just ordered BF4 from GameFly and it rejected my payment due to unable to verify by phone number, and now I am not sure if I am getting my money back. 


So second time around im ordering from GMG but is the same thing going to happen? Or is the payment going straight through and I will get my game? Thanks.

I've made a purchase from them, they're just fine.

Last year I bought more games from GMG than Steam (all Steam keys ofc.). The prices are lower most of the time (after the 20% off coupon).

I recommend watching GMG during sales, their sales are often much better than the ones on steam.

The best sale they had yet lasted 6 days and it was 6 games (50-75% off) every 6 hours. (yep 666).

They really are a great key reseller.

Alright, they have BF4 for $40 right now so I think I'll pick it up for Origin. Any confirmation I have to do or is it a straight buy and get the key sort of deal?

You buy the game (don't forget GMG20-ZB5D1-93X49 - 20% discount code) and the code is delivered to you both by mail and you can see it on your account on GMG.

Just for the record they are a authorized steam key seller, so they are legit :) I've had no problems with the purchases I've made there.

Yep not a single problem and I've bought plenty of games from there. Unless you think great deals are a problem!

I trust them, and you should, too :D

Yep. Good prices too, bought Arkham Origins from them for $37.50 at launch.

Never had a problem with GMG after multiple purchases on their site. I would say they are pretty trustworthy.

They're reliable. I buy 90% of my games from there now with their 20% & 25% off codes.

The only small problem I've had was when I got Saints Row 4. They had run out of codes on launch day and I had to wait a few hours between paying and receiving my code but that's one of the things that is to be expected from time to time with key resellers.

as well as GMG there is also these authorized steam key sellers...


and this is a very useful site. It checks many websites to check which has 'x' game the cheapest at the current time, the cheapest its ever been, etc.


don't forget to tick which retailers you wish to search and you're currency at the top. I can vouch for all the retailers apart from beamdog(?) and gamestop which I've never used.