Is FX-8320 even worth getting?

I am planning on building a new PC but I alone just cant decide if I should stick with AMD as I had for the past few years. I want it to last at least 3 years for me (1000€ budget). I had some bad experience with Intel processors in the past which is one of the reasons I am hesitant to build an Intel rig. My Question is- should I get 8320 (158€) or should I get the i5 3570K (215€). My GPU will be Radeon 7950 and later on I plan on building a custom water cooling loop. 
Thanks for answering :) 

depends... with watercooling, you shuld be able to overclock it decently. and get a 7970.... sapphire make the best

Damn, thats a nasty price gap between those two processors... I don't generally recommend the FX8xxx series for gaming, I instead opt for the FX6300 since it will perform about as well as the FX8xxx in games, if the budget allows for it I then usually recommend the i5s. If you do a lot of content creation and what not that would actually make use of all 8 cores then go for it, if not... Well there is one other thing you could try.

I have heard you can get a decent boost in single core performance with the FX8xxx series by shutting off each module's second processor, then use that overhead to clock up the chip even higher. This would result in the chip being a full quad core chip (4 float, 4 int) as opposed to a module based 8 core chip (4 float, 8 int). If you were to do this, its possible you could break the 5GHz barrier on the chip with a good cooling solution. That said, it still probably wouldn't be faster than an OC'd i5 3570k but it would help close the gap.

Now, without thinking about any kind of budget/prices. Would you recommend getting an AMD processor or just go into Intel for gaming and just a bit of editing from time to time?

  • Are the Intel CPUs reliable (heat/OC stability/speed)?
  • Will the 3570K last for at least 2 years if I clock it (if needed)?
  • Will 212 Evo be enough to cool it for at least half a year (the rig will completely drain me of all the money I managed to save) until I build the water loop? 

Thank you :)

With no budget in mind, I would definitely recommend the i5 3570K. The 212 Evo will be enough to cool it, but you probably won't be able to overclock it too high. You should be able to get it to at least 4Ghz, but any higher than that would be pushing it. Once you get the loop installed, you should be able to bring it anywhere between 4.6 and 5ghz though.

It would definitely last longer than the AMD chip too.

Thank you. I will get  Zalman Z11 Plus adn I plan on making it a working eye candy (2x 120mm fan top, 1x 140mm fan front, 1x 120mm fan rear and 2x 80mm fan on the sides) so hope that helps with the temperatures a bit :)