Is apple bleeding money?

I didn’t even realize there was going to be a mac pro with an M chip at all. This video says they cancelled it to try and chiplet the M2 into something stupid, maybe.

I wonder though, is apple bleeding money?

I saw this the other day. I remember seeing the announcement and to learn that theres still talks about this by fans and it being dead at the company, its just weird that they even announced it. Apple has this history of being a monolithic corporation. Leaks are rough guesses unless the person worked at apple. But now I keep noticing… What was the point of a mac pro that was going to be shitcanned immediately? Why make more phone sku’s if you kill them 2 versions later?

Its like they don’t know what to do

Apple used to be the company that covered options, that was their shtick. Now it seems like the want to cover parts of the market that they don’t need to, and abandon the market they were a part of. I rewcognize they don’t want to be the “Pro Only” company a la AV CF Card pricing, but like… Wasn’t that also how they got so big?

Maybe I’m just confiused

Child, Apple isnt bleeding money. Apple is money. They just collect the stuff and recirculate it back unto itself.


Pretty much the truth.

Maybe that’s why some business people have always seemed strange to me. They don’t just want to make money. They want to be money.


Yeah but the powerspike they had to get to this point… I see this sort of lax behaviour in the gaming industry. When a company starts spending stupidly, they fall off the top plate.

They have a budget in trillions, something which only a few companies have. They have a certain immunity to stupid spending. When you own the hearts, minds and money of masses.

EDIT: Lets not forget soul. Tech giants like Apple pretty much owns our soul in the way that they have access to everything that we are:

  • our bodies with our biometrics
  • our words/thoughts/minds/habits with the various telemetries, data mining, AI machine learning and geolocation data and lots and lots of our photos\

EDIT: Holy fuck Im edgy when I woke up. Good morning forum! :rofl:


Being as big a company as they are, they’re in a position to experiment with products on a much greater scale than any of the other companies in their field. MS, Google, Amazon, or any of the others, feel the hits much more intently than Apple ever would.
That being said, a lot of different companies from different fields announce products way before a prototype is even made, let alone a production model ready for sale. Apple announced the wireless Air charger in such a state, but they couldn’t quite solve the heating issues, so they delayed and eventually quietly abandoned the project. This is why with the iPhone 13 series(or 12, can’t remember), they promoted Belkin accessories instead of in-house ones.
Regarding the M1-pro/extreme server abandonment. This was known to be in the works for a while now and one of the reasons why they didn’t go with it was the nature of the first generation of the processor. There’s a method to the madness to all of this, there’s a lot of madness, but there’s a method.


Probably, but they still have legions of brainwashed ‘Apple-ites’ shoveling money into their coffers for their mobile devices and the apple app store.

Think Different!
(pay us more money so we can abuse you more!)



But you wanted our products being tidier? Right? Didncha?
Then this R2R push, is blown out of propo- we’ve applied great effort on ergonomics
It’s not like you’re gonna be, changing out your inventory, after the 2nd OS update
… We’ve seen you purchase history, [customer info redacted]


I don’t even think, these little adventures, even fill up a mosquitoes stomach [to scale]
It doesn’t hurt, should they pull back the curtain, with some of these hidden activities
… Consider how elated people were, with them cheese grater form-factor rumours

lol thats what people said about sony but I don’t know anyone wityh a PS5 xDDD

My sweet summer child. Apple is raking in so much cash silently that they make billion-dollar companies blush. They can have RnD budgets that dwarf military projects

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For now

A fortune 100 company will never be allowed to fail in the current system. Stop being an alarmist

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I know several people with one. And if my Steam library didn’t contain a couple of hundred games that I haven’t played through yet, I’d be getting a PS5 as well. It’s insanely good.

Agreed. Every tech company has a bunch of prototype products that will never see the light of day. It’s the nature of product development, within the tech or outside of it. Apple is no exception.