Is an SSD really worth it?

So, I saw an ssd on sale today on newegg (

So, I kinda want it, but i'm considering to wait a little longer so it drops even lower. I don't think i'm so desperate in need of an ssd. I mainly use my pc for gaming, web browsing, and thats about it.

Yes it is honestly at that price I would get two if I was in the states you could have one for your os and one for games or two separate os so many possibilities 

but would i really use it? I mean, it doesn't help gaming dat much, and web browsing is mostly internet dependent right?


Well your boot times will be heaps better and opening applications a lot quicker. If your going to put your games on it it will help load times a lot but in terms of fps performance it will do nothing 

that's a horrible sale, look into kingston and samsung,for a 120gb i would pay $90 max, you can find alot better at the moment

i got one of these this morning for $60

If you can find one on sale, then I would get one. It helps with load times, nothing more. It is definitely noticeable though. I love my 840 Pro.

I personally own a 60gb version and it does the job having payed the same price for half the storage its a good deal to me though you obviously could shop around more

so if i didn't need to open up my pc so quickly, and could wait a few extra seconds for programs to open, i woulnd't need an ssd?

you know what they say, once you go SSD you never go back! :-)

i still don't feel as if i got a really good answer ._.


all it does is improve load times, it's up to personal preferance if it's worth the price

What more do you want other than fast times it does make a significant difference I could never look back I now have three

faster load times in everything that runs on it, less heat, less power, less chance to fail, I think it really speaks for itself

With a modern OS, an SSD is almost essential. The ONLY reason I wouldn't put one in a build is for financial reasons. If it's a budget build, then go with a performance mechanical drive (Caviar Black) or a hybrid.

Eventually mechanical drives will be fazed out, even if it takes some time. First you wont be able to find standard HDDs, only finding hybrid drives. then the hybrids will disappear, only leaving the amazing SSD. A glorious flash memory monopoly it will be.

Get a PCI express ssd.... Thats real speed.