Is Amazon using unfair tactics on your device?

Hey I just wanted to see if anyone else has noticed the issue with the Amazon app that I have. Also I wonder if it’s just an intentional anti-competitive tactic on their part. I have noticed on any of my Android devices that when I go to search for a product within the Amazon app I am unable to used the Google Keyboard microphone to type in what I am looking for. I often do this due to the fact that I have CMT type 2 disease which eats at the nerves in my body and if I do very much typing my fingers, and hands go to sleep. So it’s important for me to be able to do this. Now you can use their microphone and it in the search and it works fine. Also the microphone on the G’ keyboard works just fine elsewhere. It’s my belief that this is done just so that they can have more control over the information that is collected. This way they collect it but Google doesn’t, (at least through the keyboard/ microphone). I know it’s not that big of a deal, but it is sneaky if it’s true. It should be noted that I can remember that you where able to type in the search with your voice on the Google keyboard before.

Yes, they’re probably trying to channel as much data as possible towards their speech recognition algorithms.

Google does the same thing. When you’re using the dictation your data gets analyzed and funneled into the algorithms that improve their models for speech recognition.

Amazon is not forced by Google to use their voice input so they force users to use theirs. That’s about it, nothing sneaky going on there in my opinion.

Yeah I know google listens that why I said “This way they collect it but Google doesn’t, (at least through the keyboard/ microphone)” I was trying to say that they seem to be making sure that google isn’t getting to get the information that you are trying to type into the Amazon shopping search that way they get to use it for advertising not their competition. I just think that’s the anti-competitive act. I used to be able to hit the microphone on the keyboard and it would type just fine now it acts like the microphone doesn’t work. So they are handicapping Google’s keyboard while using their app.
But hey thanks for the quick reply this is my first time here and so far it seems like a place I will enjoy.

FWIW, with Gboard you have this setting under voice typing:

Which AFAIR is off by default, so I don’t think they’re handicapping it much.

I hate to say it but these days you mention something to people in your own home and sadly the next thing you know your getting an advertisement on your phone or PC. We are nothing but a commodity anymore. Not to sound crazy but when we retire there’s a quiet little place in the Blueridge mountains of Virginia. I plan to leave all electronics behind. I just want a TV with an antenna and a fireplace. I plan to spend quality time with my wife. The sad thing is that ATSC 3.0 digital antenna has 2 way communications and allows for things like ordering PPV right now through your internet or phone line but I wonder if they will start to require it. LOL

Thanks for the clarification. Can’t really tell if that’s anti competitive or not. To be honest I don’t really care about fights like these between big companies.
I know just enough to be able to live in a world without Google, Amazon, Microsoft, etc.

That’s pretty nice, I didn’t know it was off by default. First thing I do on my devices is rummage through every setting so they’re rarely left to stock.

Yeah, it comes in the fine print when we agree to use services free of charge. It’s a tradeoff, but we can do things to protect ourselves somehow on the internet and become a little bit more like ghosts.
It’s tedious but it’s not as difficult as it used to, thanks to more and more people becoming concious.

I think you missed understand I know that google is a data collection deviant. I’m not that stupid. I just also know that Amazon at this time in this app is not allowing me to use the little microphone on Gboard to type. And I am sure that they are doing this so that they get to have the data for their advertisement purposes. Being that it’s my phone that I paid a crap load of cash for (I never finance a phone), I wish that I could choose to use the Gboard microphone. I dislike it so much that I end up typing it in just to be stubborn. Not to repeat myself but then if I am doing a lot of searching or shopping my hand and arm starts to go to sleep due to the afore mentioned CMT type 2 disease.
Thanks for your response though this is my first time here and seems to be a place that I will enjoy.

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I don’t want to get off topic to much but in speaking about the ATSC 3.0 it is great. I purchased an one of the first ATSC 3.0 tuners commercially available when HD Homerun had it as a Kickstarter Project. It’s a 4 tuner model OTA network tuner. My area has started broadcasting in the ATSC 3.0 standard. So most TV shows and sports are in 1080p and some sports and things like the Olympics and the Superbowl will be broadcast in 4K. It has a much lower compression than say cable, satellite, and even internet based TV apps. This makes for an amazing video quality on my new TV that I got for Christmas (77" LG C1 OLED).

Again thanks for your replys. I think I’m going to like this place. I know I watch their show a lot.