Is a GT 420 good as a PhysX Processor?

Hey guys ! I just build a new Gaming rig and had my old card laying around here. That got me thinking : " What if I use this for PhysX and let my new Card do the rest of the job ?" Well. I wanna be able to play Borderlands 2 with high PhysX Effects , and it would be so nice if I had dem 60 Frames and da sick effects ! Let me know what youthink !



I believe Nvidia is pretty crafty with not letting mixed configs and PhysX. So you might have luck with an all Nvidia setup.

I do infact have a GTX470 as my main card.



I don't think you see a noticeable performance to use a weak gpu as just a physx card when you can just get a more expensive main card.

Give it a shot, honestly it not worth it to run a card just for Physx.