Is a Better Overclock Possible?

Hi, I am a beginner hobby overclocker and have entered the AMD Rookie #5 comp. In cpu overclock percentage im coming in second with 5400MHz (52.25%). To come first I need an extra 60 MHz, but my computer won't do it.

My specs:


NZXT H440 (but when oc, I strip the side panels and use 2 stock cooler fans to blow over the backplate)

Noctua NH-D15

Asrock 990FX Killer

Kingston HyperX Fury 1866 MHz 8gb (standard timings)

Thermaltake 850W Gold

Sapphire R9 290


I have tried to use bios to directly boot at 5460 MHz, computer just restarts

Boot using 4.5 GHz (stable) and increased multiplier and bclk through amd overdrive and F-Stream Tuner, windows freezes, doesn't blue screen

I keep my CPU voltage at 1.5500v when doing anything over 5.1 GHz to keep things stable, but that is the maximum voltage I can get.


Will overclocking RAM improve results?

Will my os being on a very slow laptop hard drive also affect results?

Will overclocking northbridge help?


Thanks for helping,


You'll probably need more exponentially more voltage the higher speeds you go, you may even max out the chip or fry the board . I'd advise against using any software oc tools. Learn to do everything in the bios.

- oc'ing ram help >> no, if anything it will be holding you back - try running a single stick @ say 1600 or less

- os on laptop hdd hindering oc >> no

- northbridge oc'ing - i assume you mean the multi if so ive always up this before upping the HT link. Been awhile since ive played with a vishera.

I can do everything I need in bios, but it crashes on windows boot. I thought that if I could get past boot, the overclock might be a bit less unstable. I have also maxed out the chip/mobo at 1.5500V. Would changing settings like the number of active cores or raising RAM timings give me that little bit more?



What if you increase the BLCK but LOWER the multiplier on the ram, hyper-transport, etc (as the blck increases those and can make your pc not boot)

Disable as many cores as possible. Less heat will be generated. Might be able to push one core harder and might result in a more stable system. Unless the rules state it has to be across all cores this is what I would do to get the highest. 

5Ghz + on an Asrock 990FX killer noway.

That board will start throtteling beyond 4.5Ghz, cause overheating vrm´s. Also it will be very hard to pass the 5Ghz mark with that FX8320 chip.

FX8320 still is a lower binned FX8350. If you are lucky you could reach 4.8GHz. but i know for sure you board will start to thottle, also for 5GHz+ you need a better cooling. 

I would highly advice you, if your FX8320 is reaching 4.5GHz on the ASrock 990FX killer, stable without overheating on cpu and mobo. Then be happy with that! 

Also not to mention that 4.5Ghz is allready a realy nice overclock. The performance gain you would have between 4.5Ghz and 5Ghz is so minimal, that it isn´t realy worth the risk of killing your components.