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Irish HSE Covid-19 Tracing App has Source Code Up on GitHub

The Irish Health Service Executive (HSE) has released a contact tracing app today.

They have published the source code to GitHub however, as the they have gone for a very transparent and privacy aware approach.

The uptake has been massive for Ireland as a result (~600k plus in only about 8 hours, approx. 12% of the population).

Just seemed like a brilliant implimentation that is very digestable for the public as it gives you choice at all steps.

Also they as much as say they need to keep an eye on Apple and Google in case they start processing data such that it wouldn’t be anonymous
HSE App Risk

There is also Czechia one,

I think our Czech solution was the first one made. Here at Czech rep. we like to make fun of the electorate by making free solutions born from hackatons to demonstrate how inconpetent our current gov is. You know, because ministers like to spend milions of crowns for useless software junk.

Sadly erouška was never advertize by the healt ministry for no reason.

There has been some backlash over this and many, many people uninstalled it.

It was eating batteries, as in if you normally expect a full days use with day 20% left you might get 4-5 hours instead. Batteries have been getting worryingly hot. And they have been unconfirmed reports of fires.

They say that has been fixed but the damage is done and people are not so quick to try again.

Gotta love how each nation builds their own, instead of just collaborating on a single one.

“NIH syndrome, it’s a thing.”, is what I imagine Wendell would say :wink: