Ipv4.google.com/sorry/index? Some help would be really nice :/

So this morning when I woke up, I opened the browser as usual (Chrome) search for something, and it keeps on redirecting me to this site https:/ /ipv4.google.com /sorry /index? (added the space intentionally)

Tried searching about it in my phone (android) and my friend's phone (iphone) same thing happen. (both on their own network)
Can someone tell what is happening. Kinda worried here :/

its not to be worried but you Ip address that you use is used by users that dont use JS is a bot or you are on VPN/Proxy/Tor network. In worst case that network is infiltrated by a virus that is spamming.

That are you options try to see what is most logical in you're situation.
I myself see constant that msg but i know why :p


Happens when there is abuse on the network your on. Usually if your on a VPN, or your on an ISP thats uses CG-NAT it might also occur.


Thanks guys. Now I see that there is nothing to be worried about.

Neat, up until now I was never using JS on google, as I have ScriptBlock on deny by default.
But just as I went ahead to check it, before writing that it works for me without JS... tada.. I got the captcha as well.

Guess they going hard on no O.o

No JS is typical behavior of a bot, but it wont always pop up but there is a chance it will, but yeah going on websites with no JS on usefully a flag goes up that there might be speculations that you're a bot.

So if you write a bot make sure it handles regular JS code XD
And nobody will suspect a thing :p

Well, I understand that bots don't handle JS; Not needed often, annoying a lot, insecure as well. I prefer to be accused of being a bot over having angler, beef or similar fuck around in my browser ;)

Yeah same. I wish W3C Laws would still apply to websites still would work with basic HTML but that age is sadly over :(
but thats probably for another topic :p

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The good old days *tear rolling over my cheek * yeah - try running w3c validator over any current website, it is a shame

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