iPhone 5s TouchID hacked

Congratulations CCC!


Link to a description of the hack.

They have a long history of hacking fingerprints...

Yeah, that's pretty much what I thought they'd have do, somehow transfer a copy of the finger print from something (even the device's home button) and then simply use that to login with. To bad it's not in my native language so I could better understand what's on the screen. It 'looks' like the first thing they did was setup the fingerprint for the user, but after that it's a little confusing.

So much for the "subdermal scanning".


I commend you Apple, just a little bit longer than adobe cc.

Using Zweihänder to hack iPhone 5S touchID


I'd love to see the phone/device that did that in a tiny form factor, but I'd HATE to see the price tag. :-X

Is it just me or does he have incredibly shaky hands?

Called it.

Werent they offering $10k for this exact thing?


He was probably super excited and nervous doing the video.

I also agree with Phantom.

But Apple is unique... and it listens to it's users... so Apple introduced a male voiced Siri to please it's male users and is now working on a darker voiced female voice for it's female users...

I think a lot of people are missing the point of the fingerprint scanner, I would suggest you listen to Steve Gibson talk about how hard it is to get a 100% complete print. https://blog.lookout.com/blog/2013/09/23/why-i-hacked-apples-touchid-and-still-think-it-is-awesome/ 


More info here:


A thing that doesn't serve for its purpose is useless that is why CYBERCON_7 calling the damn thing useless. And if someone has a target that his/her goal is to get something he/she will do anything to do that until he/she get it and fingerprint is a very easy target nowadays. come on are really not watching movies? its true it really is true on how they can get fingerprint as long as they have the right equipment.

Good job necroing a thread, then trying to argue with people.

Just because something isnt used for what it was made, doesnt make it useless.

Useless - Without use

It has a use, just not the intended one.

Has a use - not useless.

Getting a clean fingerprint. Printing it. Puting it on latex. Soooooo much easier than guessing a passcode right guys.