iPhone 3GS Datarecovery


a friend of mine has a iPhone 3GS with a broken touchscreen. Unfortunately, there is no iTunes Backup of the Data, neither is the phone unlocked - it has a pin-code.

It should be iOS 4.something, i don't believe it's been updated to iOS 6.

The Data that's stored on the iPhone is pretty important to her. So - is there a way to get the Data from the Phone?

Dr.Fone claims to be able to recover any data from the Phone, but i'm not so sure about that... ( http://www.wondershare.com/data-recovery/iphone-data-recovery-reference.html )

You can try to use iFun Box to retrieve the data but I believe you might also have to have the phone unlocked and at the home screen in order for iFun Box to detect the phone's files.


Piece of cake- just replace the screen.

Or, you know, just back up the phone with iTunes. You don't need a touchscreen to do that.

Yeah replacing the screen would be much easier and cheaper than paying for that program. The older 3G/3Gs models are a lot easier to swap out the touch screen than the 4 and up models.

That isn't the Problem. What I forgot to write in the initial Post is: The Touchscreen has been changed - but it doesn't work, it looks like the connector on the Board is damaged.

Also: iTunes asks for you, to type in the Pin-Code on the Phone. So - not a chance to back it up with itunes :(

Is the phone Jailbroken by any chance, by using iFunbox and exploring the Raw File System you can manually delete the password.

Also, I searched another method to reset iPhone password with iFunBox. It just works for iPhone jailbreak. Just follow 4 easy steps.

Step 1: Open iFunBox and connect iPhone to computer.

Step 2: Find and expand Raw File System.

Step 3: Go into /var/keychains and delete “keychain-2.db” file

Step 4:; Restart iPhone.

From this site: http://www.recoveriphonebackup.com/forgot-iphone-password-how-to-unlock.html

When the screen was replaced on the iPhone, it's possible that it needs to restore or do a factory reset. Happend to me anyways. 

To get at the pincode (4 digits) there is a way to find out (I used Gecko iPhone toolkit), but I doubt that you can extraxt any information from the device without a working screen or jailbreak. 

There are ways to do it with ramdisks, but as far as I know it isn't for the faint of heart. I've only heard of forensics experts spinning their own recovery tools; nothing I've seen was geared toward laymen. So is it possible? Absolutely. Is it feasible? Not that I'm aware of. But hey I could easily be mistaken. See if something like redsn0w has an advanced menu option to make a backup. I might remember seeing something like that. Maybe DFU mode or Recovery Mode will let you back up without typing in the code. I haven't messed with iPhones in a while, so my memory is pretty rusty on the subject.

Also tell your friend not to disable automatic backups in the future if her data is so important.

A picture of the touchscreen connector would be nice.

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