iPad Pro: 11" vs 12.9"?

I’m thinking about pulling the trigger on a new iPad Pro (either the current gen, or possibly waiting for the release of the new one).

I want it for use while out and about. I don’t really plan on using it with a mouse/keyboard, and I’ll primarily be using it with my CRM app, Outlook and a Web Browser.

I think the 11" size would probably be best for me, however since I’ll need to use it outside on occassion, the extra 500 nits of the 12.9 do sound appealing.

Has anybody found the 12.9" to be a bit too big for use as a tablet versus using as a laptop replacement?

I have 11" Pro 4th gen, and I find it very cumbersome to use without the keyboard. With keyboard attached it’s not much more portable than M1 Air.

It’s not the most comfortable thing to use on your lap even with the keyboard attached, and balancing it on one leg (unlike my Air) is not a thing.

Browser(s) suck ass, basically every browser is Safari.

On a plus side, display is noticeably brighter and has cellular as option (but it does go trough battery much quicker than WiFi alone).

Hope this helps.

Fairly long-time iPad Pro user here, and I just switched from the 11" to the 12.9" since I primarily use it as a media/content consumption device. Without a case, the 12.9" is pretty great to use–it seems almost impossibly thin for how big the screen is. It’s still decently heavy, and of course, woe be upon you if you drop your uncovered iPad on anything harder than carpet. With the keyboard folio (how I use mine), it’s uncomfortably close to a MacBook Air in thickness/weight. And as vivante said, it’s a little bit wobbly using it on your lap with the keyboard folio (it’s fine on a flat surface though).

I’ll disagree with vivante’s opinion on web-browsing. I love mine for that, but then I’m pretty comfortable with Safari as I use it as my daily driver.

To try to answer your question, do you value portability more or a better web-browsing/consumption experience? The latter is unquestionably better on the 12.9, but you do compromise portability for that.