IP cameras cheaper than Ubiquiti?

Hey there!

I am looking to upgrade my security cameras from some old analog junk to modern PoE IP cameras.

I was originally looking at Ubiquiti but at ~700EUR for 7 cameras, it is a no go ATM.

I am looking for a cheaper but not inferior solution. I can host my own software at home, probably something like Shinobi/ZoneMinder on a Linux server/VM but I need an android app to monitor, either through my OpenVPN tunnel or by opening a port.

Basically, I am looking for cheaper-than-Ubiquiti hardware that can do the job and any possible recommendations on software (preferably something that runs in a docker container for ease of use).

Roll your own with ESP32CAM, or Raspberry Pi plus the high-quality camera module. 3d printed enclosures for both are easy to come by on the net.

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Amcrest or hikvision is the cheap but viable option.


beware Hikvision

You might want to check out Intermittent Tech’s YouTube channel, he does some stuff with security cameras and such. Here’s a link to his channel:


There was something with Wyze Cameras and Firmware. Something like a firmware update removing an on-camera AI feature. I think the common wisdom on them was getting them and flashing an old firmware or something.

There was an episode on self hosted about cameras.

quindor / intermit.tech guy … made me think about maybe getting a Dahua doorbell, it seems like all the doorbell stuff is done by SIP - their doorbell camera is basically an IP phone.

I also ran into this forum:

where you can find lots of sample images/videos from various cameras.

Apparently, Dahua in general doesn’t seem that bad - they have a bunch of decent ones for <$100 or similar that you can get shipped from aliexpress. In the ~$100 range they have some h.265 / 4k (8MP) cams — way cheaper than usual western market products.


If you ever plan on doing some home automation, DigiBlur has reviewed some PoE IP cameras and their integration into Home Assistant and other 3rd party applications.


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