IOT Power Switch That's Not Terrible

Does anyone have or know of a trustworthy IOT solution for remotely controlling power out of an outlet. I have a bunch of lights in my living room and no wall switch. It’s an apartment that I don’t own so I can’t demolish anything or mess with the wiring. I just want something that I can put between a plug and a light that can be turned on and off via remote. Currently I have to make a lap around the room to turn on/off all the lights.

I basically want something in between having an arduino hanging off of every outlet and running some IOT lightbulbs that have egregious security flaws and have to remain in constant contact with a proprietary cloud service.

It’s possible that this doesn’t exist. Ubiquiti used to make some IOT things that looked promising, but they dropped them.

I’d be open to something that just communicates over 2.4ghz and doesn’t connect to my network at all. I used to have something like that but it was cheap and unreliable.

Look at Ikea, it’s funny but their IOT lightbulbs are not only simple, but also hardened like hell.


lol, wouldn’t be my first guess.


Yeah it’s funny. Really, you wouldn’t guess IKEA would be a front runner atm at least sec-wise.

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I got one from amazon that seemed ok, except that it phoned home overseas… I also did a DIY one that has worked well using a raspi and a relay. The DIY was a lot more work, bulkier, looks sloppy, and …might be a fire hazard, but I’ll be damned if I don’t love it. One advantage is having a ‘master’ device that activates or kills them all at once.

Ikea looks good, but I wish they made a power switch as well. I have one light with a nonstandard bulb.