IOMMU Groupings repository / wiki - does anything exist? should it?

Recently I’ve been researching IOMMU Groups, VFIO, SR-VIO and it’s a steep learning curve.
I’ve not seen any consolidated results of groups of IOMMU scans.
I thought it might be a good suggestion for a wiki or similar knowledge repository.

What are your thoughts?

I’m getting ready to build a new system and will have to research the IOMMU group setups for motherboards so I’m very interested in this question. I haven’t started to look for this info, but in the past I think I’ve seen lots of people struggling to find this info. So if there is a site with this info I’d love to know about it.

The first place I was going to look is People run probes on their hardware and the site records the logs. Unfortunately the site it links to,, isn’t currently working for me so I can’t check the logs to see if IOMMU groups is something they log.

IOMMU grouping varies according to boot parameters, BIOS settings, PCI bifurcation settings and probably some other factor that at the moment eludes me, I think categorizing it would be very hard for it to be meaningful/useful …

There’s some information here, but not sure how useful it is.