Internet service providers to refund customers or face litigation

If your outside Australia or your an Australian living under a rock you may not of heard that the ACCC is forcing ISPs to issue refunds for unrealistic speed promises and unattainable speeds that customers paid premiums for on the NBN. This is all thanks to Telstra who submitted a report to the consumer watch-dog, which overall is a positive step in the right direction “In my opinion” here is the link to the article

might be a good positive article for the News :slight_smile: @wendell


maybe Australia wont be the testing ground for bad ideas much longer :smiley:


Ha!! You merely adopt our bad ideas, we were born from them, molded by them, our entire country was based on a bad idea.

It is good that they are admitting the service is crappy, however it’s sad to realise that they have spent over 50 billion dollars on a system that can’t even match 1990s cable. It would have been better to just pay the cable folks to roll it out everywhere.

50 billion dollars & it struggles to get 25mbps.


When was this investment made?

That sounds like a terrible value proposition if it was made any time after 2005ish.

I’d give my left arm for a 25mbps connection where I’m at I have a 2.5mbps connection and that is wonky at times.

Planning started in 2007, building 2009.

The original plan was for gigabit, however a redneck government was voted in during 2013 & have totally butchered the whole thing, in a fruitless attempt to save money.

It’s a decade long story of poor planning, political stupidity & wasting money.

The system is being hacked together by random contractors who are being paid massive amounts of money, with no real incentive to hurry up & get the job done. I mean, once they are finished, there is no more work, so they just string it out.

There was a team “working” on it outside my workplace for about 3 week. They spent most of the day sitting/standing around chatting.