Internet Dropping out once an hour

Over the past day my internet has been dropping out almost every hour on the spot. A restart fixes it for an hour but then i'm back at it restarting the dang thing. I have tried going through my router and directly to the modem but it doesn't matter if you are wired or wireless. I have called TWC and they can't tell me anything useful other than "Everything is normal and uh we can restart it for you, yup need anything else". I have the most current firmware on my router but that doesn't seem to be the issue. I'm clueless on whats happening and the only other thing I can think of is having somebody come out to have a look at the lines. I wanted to ask here to see if anyone had some suggestions before I had someone come out.

Could be modem going bad, could be that TWC is bad. Tell TWC that your modem is faulty and to have them send you a new one.
Does it happen on all your devices on the network or just your PC?
Do you retain network connectivity when you lose internet?

Im a cable installer/repair tech for a contractor that does cablevision and comcast and i work both sides . Try this check all fittings for loose broken fittings. Now if u are in a house grab ypur amp clamp if u have one and check for amperage should be less than .99 amps any thing higher dont touch and call a pro. If safe disconnect the ground block check for corrosion shorts on center conductor if the line is going through airtake the line going to telphone pole to see if the drop goin g to street is flooded. You will know its flooded if water is pooring out or dripping also the ground block/splitter will be full of water. Of all is good connect modem directly to drop if issues gonaway than instide wiring/splitters are a problem.


+1 recommend checking outside fittings if possible.

Anecdote time

We thought our modem was going bad for a time, when the tech came out there, he saw that the previous tech had not put any outdoor rated fittings on the line and that it was severely corroded. He hooked us up and since then haven't had an issue in 4 years.

Out door fittings are no good if there is a crack in the line The aerial line watter gets in from cracks in line . Comcast and time warner use out door fittings where as cablevision my main system uses indoor fittings everywhere. Also it could be an issue at tap which u cant check.