Internet Download Manager? is it worth buying?

Would you buy and third-party Download Manager? I remember it was popular and useful application, but is it worth it? Or should I stick with the Google Chrome default download manager?



Download managers have generally been not worth it for many years. Most browsers have been able to resume for years now.


so this is the only thing that I can benefit from? the resume and pause? and the browsers are already capable of doing this feature?

jdownloader is the shit


some let you download with multiple threads, which matters a lot less now

It depends what you are going to download. If you’re downloading a few software setups every once in a while it’s basically pointless.

If you are downloading YouTube videos or from One-Click-Hosters then a download manager makes it easier to handle. For YT you usually get a format selection that is otherwise bothersome at best. For OCHs you usually get automatic CAPTCHA solving (assuming you’re not premium, which they do as well), automatic unpacking for archives and the like. Also they can usually decrypt link containers for adding archives of links etc.

But for the question of paying: definitive no.

There are open source managers like jDownloader (as mentioned above) or pyload that usually work better then the payed stuff anyway.

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There are still some sites that limit, and that’s quite annoying. +1 for JDownloader, but it’s definitely a more niche tool since browsers have pretty decent download managers now. “you’ll know if you need it”


Agreed. If you have to ask if you need it then you don’t need it.

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Judging by your name I assume you use IE? Its better to install firefox than buy an app.

not throwing shade or nothin

Unless its a 980ti for 100 bucks at a garage sale that you can test. Then you need to ask.

The reason I asked this question is that I want to know how many people do still use download managers and apparently a lot still do, the other thing is that i use google chrome for my browser, but judging by your picture I think you are 12 years old :slight_smile:


Lol, @FaunCB ain’t 12. Trust me.

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axel was fun for that. Usually available from default system repositories.

I haven’t used it in a long time since I just don’t download much anymore, but it is cool seeing how much it might increase the download rate.

And thats what I want you to think.

It USED to be great, but starting in mid 2018 it really went downhill. It seems like no one is actively developing anymore because the browser integrations are constantly breaking and stay broken for weeks, the program does not play well with Windows and will sometimes slam the CPU and/or disk until you restart the program, get over 5 downloads going and sometimes the GUI starts seriously lagging, and finally the program is suddenly incapable of seeing that there is already a file called “picture” and fails to rename to “picture (2)” like is normal, and furthermore, it even fails to prompt to rename and just automatically overwrites the existing file! What a utter pile of shit it had become! So sad!