Internet Browser

I've tried a lot of browsers when Google Chrome had issues in the past but somehow I always end up coming back to Google Chrome.

Firefox is the best browser I've used. Chrome tends to use more RAM and has a number of issues...even had flash videos crash my entire PC in Chrome. That and Google's ever watchful presence in Chrome....

The main three I use in descending order are Chrome>Opera>Firefox. Chrome is fast, clean, and smart. I like being able to do quick searches in Opera, for example "w trees" looks up trees on wikipedia, y for youtube, and g for google. Firefox works best with the Orbit Downloader plugin which I use to download Youtube vids and other flash media.

They've all had their bugs and crashed at some point but I just move on to the next one until that issue is solved and come back later.

you can do quick searches on firefox as well, but it allows you to make your own.

So does opera. I have "gi" setup for Google images.

Chrome, king. Sir, you slay me.

Chrome opens a new instance of itself for every tab, why? God only knows. Google offered a $1,000,000 bounty for anyone who could have Chrome; it was done in 5 minutes. Google paid Mozilla $1,000,000,000 to stay as the default search engine within Firefox, showing they're afraid of Mozilla's user base.

There's more, but I've made my point. Google Chrome is terrible compared to Firefox.

It's only terrible if you only have 1GB of ram, lol.

This "new instance for every tab" thing is quite useful. Once a site crashes it doesn't mean you have to restart the whole browser and open every other tab again. It only closes this one paritcular tab. 

To be honest, I had this case once in a year... But hey, nice feature!

Chrome does not use that much memory compared to Firefox in the days that I used it, Firefox would easily use 4-6GB on it's own with a bunch of tabs open.

If I look at the usage of chrome now (chrome://memory-redirect/) it only uses 1.6GB at the moment with around 30 tabs open.

Also, the as mentioned above, if 1 tab crashes in Firefox (flash for example, crashes a lot) all tabs crash, that's not the case in Chrome. However if Flash crashes, it does stop all running flash instances, but keeps all tabs open an functional.

An other bonus of this system is of course security, see

What's best depends what you look for in a browser. Chrome has the best window management of any browser in my opinion. Firefox has more features and customization. Internet Explorer is great for compatability and Windows integration.

It doesn't open a new instance of itself. It runs each tab in it's own .exe so that if a website crashes it doesn't bring the whole browser down and it's also better for security. Saying one browser is better than another is stupid. There is no "best browser", that's fanboyism.

I use Chrome because it's window management is far superior to Firefox's. Try dragging a Firefox tab and aligning it to the left or right half of your screen using only a single click, you can't. Chrome is also less cluttered and more minimalistic. Chrome menus are simple and everything loads in a single page of a tab. In firefox, menus are all over the place and it gets tiresome navigating so many menus and sub-menus.

I'm not saying Chrome is better or worse, just saying your biased opinion is not factual, therefore you shouldn't really say it as fact.

I use Waterfox

The new Internet Explore.... really sucks.

I've used FireFox for a couple of years now, and I think it's a solid browser.

Chrome is really fast, but I find the options of personal preferences lacking compared to FF. But nice broweser indeed!

I used Opera on my 12 years old ASUS laptop, and Opera was surprisingly faster than IE and FF on older / low-end systems. The laptop died in 2010, so I havn't touched Opera since then.